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Phone: (856) 4BLAINE

👍Add Stunning Animation To Your Website And Make It Stand Out

Every widget in their settings bar has a play button that opens up your animation popup. It's very simple, you select one of the animations from the list and it will preview on your screen. We've set the default speed to 1.1s which is pretty neat in my opinion. The last thing is the delay on when the element with start the animation.

Here it is how I do my animations - I don't touch the speed bar only the delay. I start with 0ms delay on my first item, then 200ms on the second, 400ms on the third and up to 600-800ms. I don't think it's a good idea to go beyond that because it will take too much time to show and will slow down the customers feel on the page.

That's how easy it is. It's super simple, super fun and actually, have a great impact on your visitors. Makes your website look fancier and, I haven't tested it, but I'm pretty sure you will collect more emails or convert more customers with a simple addition like that.


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