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Phone: (856) 4BLAINE

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Landing and Funnel Page Building

Discover the Simplest Funnel Building & Landing Page Tool Ever.

Choose your template

Create a tailor-made website in just a few steps.

Choose a template from our extensive selection and customize it quickly and easily.

What's a Sales Funnel?

Freedom to Sell Anything

Four Different Types of Products

Easy setup for physical “bricks and mortar” merchandise and/or digital products, services and memberships. Just choose your options, upload your images and descriptions, add your store payment gateway, and you’re on your way.

Easiest Popup Building

Engage and Promote With a Popup Window

Multi-design layouts and timing options, mobile-friendly are sure to catch a visitor’s eye.  

Create Members Only Areas and Sell Memberships

The Members functionality allows your website visitors to register and have access to secured content. You can also sell membership access via the Online Store.

Secure Content Areas

Assign pages that are only accessible by group members

Manage Members

In the Members area, you will see all the current users on the website. You can filter them by groups or add a new one manually

Membership Purchase

You have the option to sell membership in your site


And if that is not enough...

Blog Functionality

Keep visitors up-to-date with the latest news and articles. Blogs can use mixed-content types, such as videos, text, audio, and infographics.

Automatic SSL Certificates

Your visitors can be sure your site is secure and that personal information is collected with utmost respect and privacy. They’ll purchase from your site with confidence.

Reliability of Amazon Hosting

Good hosting ensures fast page speed, 99.9% up time, back-ups, core builder maintenance, updates and tech support.

Analytics and Tracking

You’ll want to know metrics such as number of visitors, page sessions, where the visitors came from, which pages they visited, and whether they reached their goal. All this is critical to better serve their needs, so they want to come back! Analytics are provided for each site.

Website Contributors

For the team of contributors working on your website, it’s easy to add new users and assign roles for site administration.

Forms Builder

For useful content, you need decent feedback. Forms let you gather this information safely and securely.

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